The Clutter Clinic

  • Have you recently divorced and would like to re-organise your space?
  • Have your children left home and left all their clutter behind?
  • Are your wardrobes full of clothes you never wear?
  • Is your garage so packed you park your car outside?
  • Would you like to better organise the space you have?
  • Are you planning to sell or rent your property?

Individual Clutter Clearing Quotes

(For all consultations, there is a 50% cancellation fee if within 48 hours of appointment)

Clutter Clearing Contact us for a bespoke quote

  • Hands on sorting of clutter
  • Advice on editing possessions
  • Charity shop drop off
  • Tips on re-cycling clutter
  • Organisation of kept items

Wardrobe EditContact us for a bespoke quote

Most people wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time. If your wardrobe is bulging with unworn clothes we will evaluate every item with you in terms of fashion, style and wearability. We will then dispose of unwanted items for you and reorganise your clothes with better storage options. We can organise the sale of any brand name items of clothing to bring you in some cash!

Home Move Contact us for a bespoke quote

To help remove the chaos and stress from moving house, our consultant will arrive at your new home the day after your move to help unpack all the boxes and reposition everything in the rooms.
We can also organise your home’s contents before the removal men arrive to ensure you only move the things you really love and need and therefore have less boxes to pack.