Daily Candy

Immaculate Perception

Daily CandyThere’s no end to the clothes and books you buy. Nor the junk mail you receive. Nor the tacky novelty ornaments you’ve treasured lovingly since birth.

Which is to say, unless your flat is as large as the universe itself, you probably don’t have room for any of it.

The team from The Clutter Clinic, experts in ‘effective, unobtrusive organisation’, will come to your house/office/garage/attic and assess what you really need to keep versus what you don’t. The Wardrobe MOT may give some a panic attack, but the opinions of these stylish people can be trusted (and they’re kinder than those bitches on the telly).

Final edits will be arranged neatly inside cupboards; the rest will be whisked off to the nearest charity shop. If you’re selling your property, they’ll help make it more presentable to prospective buyers; when you move, they’ll unpack all those boxes.

Of which, one hopes, there will be few.

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