Book reviews

Elle Decoration
“For more ideas read ‘The Clutter Clinic – Organise Your Home In Seven Days’ by Romaine Lowery”

Zest Magazine
“Want to feel instantly calmer? Get organised. A tidy house equals a tidy mind, says decluttering expert Romaine Lowery in her new book.”

The Good Book Guide
“Let Romaine Lowery, the most famous declutterer in Britain, help you fill those bin bags, organise your space and love your home again. This is a great book.”

Hot Brands and Cool Places
“Get organised with this fabulous book. This is a great way of kick-starting a new declutter habit.”

Heat Magazine
“We were determined to glean some wisdom from these crisp and clear pages. And we have. Let Lowery in to clear out that clutter.”

Irish News
“This new book will help you declutter your life. A highly practical and inspirational guide to decluttering your home and possessions.”

The Times (Bricks & Mortar)
“This new book explains how to get rid of your junk, but before you become the ‘closet queen’ in your ordered home, you must discover what type of hoarder you are.”

LBC Radio
“Romaine Lowery author of The Clutter Clinic shares the secrets of a calm, clutter free life. Jeni Barnett recommends this book to get rid of the clutter in your life.”

Chris Evans Show
“The Clutter Clinics home fairy gave us some top tips on clearing our cupboards.”

Jason Arnopp (Bloggery Pokery)
“I could see that this infuriatingly organised woman had a point. My workspace has reached clutter overload and its time to do something about it.”

She Magazine
“It’s crammed with great advice and has smart storage ideas for the whole home.”

Real Homes Magazine
“If your best intentions of having a clearout have gone to pot, then this is the book for you. It guides you through the home with tips for making each room streamlined and mess-free. “

Beautiful Kitchens
“Lowery explains how to organise the larder and declutter kitchen drawers. This book is set to become the best declutter junkie’s bible.”

Sunday Mail
“If your bookshelves are becoming cluttered, here’s a book to sort them out. The easily achievable tips and suggestions will leave you desperate to purge. Clutter will be history.”

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