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Immaculate Perception There’s no end to the clothes and books you buy. Nor the junk mail you receive. Nor the tacky novelty ornaments you’ve treasured lovingly since birth. Which is to say, unless your flat is as large as the universe itself, you probably don’t have room for any of it. The team from The… Read more »

The Standard


Alison Cork recommends The Clutter Clinic services.

The Times Bricks & Mortar


ALISON is selling her one-bedroom flat. It is a relatively big flat but it has limited storage space. Some prospective buyers have commented on how “busy” it looks. How could she declutter and are there some cheap but effective storage tips you could give? Romaine Lowery, of The Clutter Clinic, says: After location, space is… Read more »

The Belfast Telegraph


Belfast born Romaine Lowery discusses her varied role in organising other people’s homes

The Observer


Journalist Jill Insley braves a visit from The Clutter Clinic in an attempt to finally get rid of her clutter.